“Focus On What You Want.”

If you search for negativity in this world you will find plenty of it. If you search for hate, anger, violence and sadness you will find it. But the same is true on the flip side: If your only INTENTION is to search for the good you will find only the good. Whatever meaning you give your life becomes your life. It can be a failure or a lesson, heartbreak or character building.

Life is against you or making you stronger because there is no such thing as reality. We choose our own reality by the meaning we give to each moment in our lives. Make it your intention to look for the good in your life, to notice the good in others, to be grateful for what you do have, to see challenges as opportunities, to show your true character.

Remember: What you give your attention to will become your experience in life. Practice seeing the good in your life, and in others. Think the best, expect the best and always ask yourself how can this benefit my life. Leave who you were, love who you are and look forward to who you will become.

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