“Live Today For Tomorrow It Will All Be History.”

One day you will be gone it may be in 50 years… it may be in 50 weeks… it may be next week… maybe next day or even today. I don’t know. You don’t know. Nobody knows. And rather than live in fear of this we should embrace the FACT that this life is SHORT and UNPREDICTABLE. Knowing this we must live FULLY TODAY. It is not a recipe for recklessness rather a recipe to give your all TODAY, to give your very BEST TODAY in everything you do, to give your greatest energy to this day, to your family, to everyone you encounter TODAY. It is a reminder for you to leave your best self in each moment.

What if they couldn’t speak to you tomorrow?

What if you are gone tomorrow?

What would they speak of you?

What can you do is that will leave a lasting positive memory in the lives of everyone you come into contact with…

It is about being light-hearted. Knowing that in the end, none of this stuff matters. The only thing that ever matters is how you made others feel and how you felt in your own heart. It is about knowing that things can never go with you in the end. The spirit lives on… but the ‘things’… they die with your physical body. Remembering that we are going to die is the greatest reminder we can have in our daily lives because it keeps us focused on what’s really important and what is REAL.



12 thoughts on ““Live Today For Tomorrow It Will All Be History.”

  1. I have to agree with your post about how we treat people is all they will remember when we are gone. I also strongly believe in an after life. I died once and was allowed to come back for my daughters sakes. Yes, there is a Heaven for us. In Jesus name this is true Amen

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  2. This is so much true . It frightens me whenever I hear of dying . You are right we have still time to apologise people who we have hurt , it’s the right time to hug someone who’s close to us , it’s the right time to convince the person who are disappointed because of our deeds ..thus we will always be remembered if do something good for our beloved ones .

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